Sunday, December 29, 2013

Developing Good Study Habits That Will Improve Test Scores

By Franklin Skribbit

It seems as if everything has been changing in recent years and the way that business is done is no exception. It used to be that promoting companies through television ads and billboards did the trick. However, we continue to see many new, exciting, and creative ways in which advertising communicates brand messages to the public. And while mainstream advertising is still successful at this, social media has taken a big jump forward to be a major medium through which businesses can create and maintain valuable relationships with consumers. If you haven't fully realized what social media is capable of doing for your company, then keep reading.

Notes, Notes, Notes

Bigger used to mean better. And sometimes, it still does. Super Bowl ads are still seen as some of the most innovative and engaging advertising executions ever made. They not only gain respect, but they are capable of simultaneously communicating brand truths to millions of people. However, the new face of advertising is starting to get a lot smaller. Instead of bright messages splattered across a giant television screen, companies are jumping to engage consumers on their smart phones through social media services like Twitter and Facebook. While we used to equate big advertising with effectiveness, businesses have begun to realize that the ability to interact with consumers throughout the day is much more powerful than they previously thought.

Review Often

Your Nampa business degree can help you manage the finances associated with running a business in the medical field. You would be surprised at how much money comes into the average medical facility. Determining how you will navigate the complicated insurance processes requires someone with a special set of skills. The finances of a medical facility are much different than what you would find with your average business. A staff of professionals is needed to account for all the different transactions that are ongoing on any given day. After a long period of time, the processes necessary to keep track of patient accounts will become perfected.

It's important to realize that having an effective presence on social media is not free. Posting an odd Instagram picture will not result in a strong brand personality; you need dedicated employees. However, once you evaluate how much it costs to pay people to successfully manage your social media presence, it can often seem like a better use of your money when compared to the price of television commercials or magazine advertising. While it obviously depends on a number of factors, new companies especially have found that social media's ability to connect emotionally with consumers comes at a reasonable price.


College isn't the same experience for everyone, but that doesn't mean you can't succeed. Whether you are at a Nampa college campus or a campus in Long Island, taking notes, reviewing often and using your resources are the keys to developing good study habits that will improve your test scores.

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