Saturday, March 30, 2013

Proper Social Business Sites Marketing Methods

By Shawna Doucette

Social business sites are extremely popular with many businesses these days. The dawn of the cyber era has introduced newer marketing methods. This time, the scope is much broader. Advertising to potential customers is now not bound to physical location. Using this will help promote services or products to countless groups. It is quite more effective compared to other forms of media. However, certain disadvantages can be present if improper methods are applied.

There are many small firm owners who immediately go for this method because of many news of success associated with it. However, the planning process is often forgotten. One must know that just like any other marketing strategies, planning is required and should be considered as a very important phase. Planning gives direction and serves as a guide in operating any endeavor.

Online advertising can be likened to a popularity contest. This is very important in advertising. However, one has to know that popularity, if not paired with responsibility, could have drastic results. This is evident in cases where one uses false profiles and unsupported claims. Being popular through them will only spread bad impression. This badly hurts reputation of products and services. A bad reputation will be very hard to recover. Popularity should not be achieved through this means.

Adding a personal touch can be seen as imperative with the use of a social site. Personal comments through sharing expertise, offering suggestions, and thanking people will help. People will take these as signs of personal involvement and sincerity. Not doing so will only produce a raw sounding advertisement.

Spamming is a great nuisance for people. That is why emails find ways of filtering them. However, spamming is not just found on emails only. These too are present in social sites. Posts and comments which have the same contents is a form of spamming along with consistent PM endorsements unappreciated by receivers. This gives bad reputation to products and services and badly hurts reputation.

Directly attacking competitors is a big no. Having an aggressive stance will give a negative impact to online users. One should keep his professional appearance online. The anonymity cloak being offered online have the tendency of letting out remarks that one could not have said if physically in front of other people. One should steer clear of that and be always aware of it.

Establishing a relationship can help broaden and deepen connection with present customers and potential ones. However, one must know the difference between making business relationships and personal ones. The latter will not be beneficial. One should bear in mind business in every transaction but not overdo it. Personal issues can be handled on other sites.

Promotion is the prime reason why this form of media came about. One can share experiences, expectation of products or services. However, too much promotion will result to a more business hype talk and over endorsement. Strive to achieve a balance. Focus on adding personal touch by offering advice and helping others. This helps friends and followers anticipate upcoming posts and make them more receptive. Adding personal touch will increase chances of other people promoting what you are endorsing.

social media sites offer a very effective means of expanding businesses. Employing proper strategies will help business owners get the most out of them. Proper planning and conduct are necessary.

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