Thursday, March 28, 2013

Does Empower Network Represent Value For Money Or Not?

By Howe Russell

Over the last 2 years, Empower Network has attracted a lot of media attention and hype for being the next big home business on the block. Today we will be looking at the negative aspects of it, focusing on areas such as the value for money in terms of products you receive.

Shortly after making a decision to make money online in their spare time, budding affiliate marketers are then swept up in a tornado of misinformation and hype surrounding every new home business to hit the market. This tends to confuse people.

Usually, the first few months of an online business proves to be the most difficult. Affiliates tend to be caught up in the next big thing and finding information which isn't merely a sales pitch can prove to be a tough task during this time. Two years later, it's easier to look at what you actually get from this particular opportunity and weigh up whether or not it's for you.

Every affiliate program has two things to offer you as a potential member. First you will receive a product package, then you will also unlock a compensation plan which allows you to build an income if you choose to. The key rule to success in the online business niche is that you should never join a company if you are not attracted to both aspects of the business. []

The main problem faced by affiliate marketers is the bad habit of joining companies with lucrative affiliate programs and lackluster products. Bear in mind that you earn for recommending the products to others. No matter how good the affiliate program might be, you won't be able to earn with it if nobody actually wants the products.

As a product, Empower Network gives members their own blogging platform. While you could really get a blog for free elsewhere, they justify their $25 membership by stating one simple fact.

The blogging platform has achieved authority status within search engines such as Google. So, if you are trying to establish yourself as a leader within a particular niche then that could be something worthwhile as it would allow you to gain higher rankings for low or moderately popular keywords. If not, however, then it doesn't really represent any value to you at all.

Things can get very confusing when it comes to the compensation plan, with many members promoting false ideas of how easy it is to build an income. Quite simply, it provides a 100% commission rate which equates to around $25 per sale.

Your attraction to a company like Empower Network will be determined by how much you could do with an authority blog. If you don't feel it would be something useful then you should find another opportunity. One of the major mistakes made by countless affiliates struggling to make money online in this particular business is that they were enticed by nothing more than the potential earnings. For the reasons we have already pointed out above, that approach doesn't lead to success with any home business.

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