Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finding Building Contractors: Where To Find Them And By What Way To Hire One

By Sandy West

The building work you need to have done requires a specific specialty. There are a whole host of general residential building contractors out there from which to choose. However, you want to have one that specializes in using certain building materials and techniques. Here are some things to consider before choosing a contractor who specializes in your area of need.

Fund your residential building contractors through a third party. While there is an additional cost, funding through a third party can help minimize potential problems and conflicts. Definitely worth the small upfront expenditure.

Have a drawn down paper work of the residential building contractors you are considering to use when making a bid on the job. Side by side matching is easier to look at when you are looking at the exact paper. In a situation whereby the contractor is providing their own paper work, ask them to provide yours too along with theirs.

Always try to make the contract as detailed as possible. Include brand names or a price range so that you get what you want. If a brand name is not possible to mention, then a price range such as $400-$500 for a sink or $250-$300 for a toilet.

Your residential building contractor will be in charge of hiring sub-contractors so if you think that at any time you can negotiate better to get a cheaper deal notify the contractor. You will need to agree on a sub-contractor working with you so make it a neutral sub-contractor. Make sure you do not go over the head of the contractor without his knowledge.

Remember to stay calm while on the job site. You don't want to have a screaming match with your residential building contractor on site. Once you feel a conversation escalating, it will be best to take a walk to calm down. Once calmed, contact the contractor to resolve any problems leftover.

If you want to design your own plans, consider collaborating with your residential building contractor. Their experience and practical knowledge may give you valuable insight as you plot your final vision of your project. This also gets the contractor involved in the process from its inception, which can help increase their investment in the job.

Though it may be tempting, shy away from residential building contractors that make unusually long warranties. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. A lifetime warranty on an outdoor deck is not likely and such a promise should be seen as questionable.

You should build penalties into the contract with your professional. If they are unable to perform according to the guidelines in the contract, there should be penalties clearly established. The penalties you select should be based on the length of the delay and the type of work delayed, and in each case include a monetary amount for the penalty in the contract.

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