Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What type of floor do you want?

By Daniel Hagthorsen

What is the wise choice when it comes to upgrading your floors. Especially for those who are selling their home or on a budget, this is a big decision. New flooring can potentially make a home more sellable, and more attractive to buyers.

House prices are dropping all the time, and people can use whatever help they can get to make their house worth more and to make buyers more willing to pay the full price for it. A lot of people do not enjoy home improvements, and will prefer a house that feels more done. However is it really wise to spend money on a home you don't plan to live in? Yet the home selling experts seems to constantly go on about how essential it is to spend a bit of money on top of the expense that can come with selling a home.

Two inexpensive options are to put down some cheap carpet, or to install some cheap laminate flooring. Which option will help the house to sell quicker? What are buyers looking for? With not wanting to spend a huge amount of money, you want to be able o make the best investment and get the most from what you spend.

There are all sorts of deals on cheap carpets. Yet cheap carpets are rarely of a good quality, unless you are fortunate enough to find an exceptional deal somewhere. If your home is on the market for several months, you may find your "new" carpets start to look worn by the time someone is interested in your home. Today's buyers do not seem so keen on carpets anyway, and carpets are often the first thing to be replaced when people buy a home.

You may find it interesting that if you decide to go with carpet, the price you will pay for a mid-range quality carpet could actually buy you a high quality laminated floor. Buyers are often attracted to laminate flooring as it looks just like real wood flooring, but is easy to maintain and suits a busy family lifestyle. When you weigh up the choices, it may seem obvious which one is the wisest.

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