Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pay Per Click Advertising, Secrets To Lower Price Per Click

By Victoria Caldwell

Ad Text

The tiny text advertisements hold heavy fire power. Ensure your adverts appeal to your potential customers. Lure them with with an impossible to resist offer, a promise of something gigantic, for a price they are prepared to pay.

Consistently tweak your ads for even more impressive performance. Write a best performing ad. Then write another ad to beat it. Never stop improving your ads.

Pay per click advertisers treat this as a challenge to continuously improve their best performing adverts. When your ad has high CTR, Google instantly reduces your CPC, effectively pushing your ad to top positions. You get top positions and increased clicks while basically lowering your costs.

Landing Page

While a great ad lures people to your website, a great landing page converts those visitors to consumers.

Sales copy that converts is the most important part of your lander. There are other elements like design, readability, images, trust building elements like Verisign emblem, for example.

Design killer destination pages. They convert your visitors to customers, putting money into your business. With straightforward tools available now, you can test the usefulness of different elements in your selling pages.

Tweak your landing pages to convert maximum number of visitors to paying clients.

When your visitors stay longer in your page, Google decides the page the visitors see has relevancy to their searches/questions. This is one factor driving your cost per click down.

Keyphrase Analysis

Keywords form the lifeline of any pay-per-click management. Do your key phrase research right. Find money keywords for your business. Make sure you explore the long tail keywords, which bring in massive clicks for pennies.

Then use the keywords liberally in your ad text and in your landing pages. This is a surefire route to totally utilizing the power of keywords in your list.

When you totally use the powers of PPC, you may attract more customers, make an increased amount of sales and lower costs per click at the same time.

It occurs because Google defines your ad is the most result for the visitors using specific keywords to find something they want. Google rewards you with lower costs per click. With cheaper price per click, you can reach out to larger number of visitors without increasing your ad budget.

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