Thursday, January 26, 2012

What You Ought To Know About One Of The Best Law Firms In Singapore

By Sandy Carter

When you need legal representation in Singapore, you have two options- hire an independent lawyer or run to a law firm. Both have stereotypical assumptions. A freelance lawyer gives more personalized service, but their expertise is very limited since law is such a colossal field. Law firms on the other hand handle a lot of cases and therefore may not consider you a priority. These firms, however, are home to the most highly qualified professionals in the country.

While such assumptions hold a grain of truth, note that Singapore's legal service industry has been doing great the past few years. Law firms have become highly accessible to the public; their offices open to any type of legal woes and their fees more reasonably priced. Respected law firms such as Regent Law LCC go as far as making themselves similar to a one-stop shop, offering almost all possible legal options to their prospective clients.

Most firms in the country cover multiple areas of law, from personal to familial, from civil to criminal, from business to corporate. To be properly guided, learning the basics of each practice area is necessary.

For individuals: Regent Law LLC offers legal counsel to a client who is concerned about criminal matters and personal injury. Personal injury law covers industrial accidents, road accidents and slip and fall injuries. They also provide services for employment laws, wills and probate, debt recovery, and road traffic offenses. Family law is also one of their know-hows and it covers divorce and separation, children's issues, financial and property issues as well as domestic violence. They also cater to immigrants so if you have issues on citizenship and PR applications, work permit and entrepreneur pass applications, their team of reliable associates are the ones to talk to.

For corporate clients: For commercial matters such as share purchase agreements and shareholder agreements, licensing, distribution agreements, incorporation of companies and contracts, you can surely count on their law associates for the legal work. The firm also extends their commercial legal services for employment law, litigation, debt recovery, and corporate law.

So if you are still looking for the best lawyers in Singapore, you now know where to go and who to trust.

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