Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Find Out What Drives You Examine Your Attitudes Like This....

By David Ferrers

Your attitudes reveal a lot about what motivates you. These attitudes are disclosed by the metaphors you use or, put simply, the things you say.

If you frequently say, "this computer is so bad." Guess what? You will make quite sure that the computer performs in an unsuitable way. It may well be an excellent computer, but if you have determined to be certain that it underperforms it's going to be unsatisfactory for as long as you're the only one operating it.

On the other hand whenever you are in a positive frame of mind and say something similar to, "I'm feeling on top of the world!" You are very likely to find yourself skipping joyfully up the stairway to your office.

One of the most valuable NLP techniques is the use of language and body language metaphors. What we say to ourselves and others about ourselves programmes us to make the message a fact. This is because metaphor works at a unconscious level and is therefore likely to go on working long after we have forgotten about it consciously.

The good news arising from this explanation about metaphors and attitude is that it suggests that we can consciously change our attitude about almost anything by simply changing the metaphors we use.

And once our attitude changes it is probable that our belief will also change. As quickly as you make yourself positively believe in your ability to achieve you goals there's a much greater likelihood that you're going to make your dreams come true.

This is the way that this methodology works: first listen to the metaphors you are currently using to describe your world. Change negative metaphors to positive metaphors. Hear yourself utilizing the more positive language. Start to describe what you want to achieve in the same positive language.

Ensure that you describe what you actually want in your life in terms of accomplishments that are achievable. E.g. If you're over 50 don't decide to become a pro football player. However , you could become a football coach or a football columnist.

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