Thursday, December 27, 2012

Basic Information about Steel Fabrication

By Sandra Church

Steel fabrication is vital to the construction industry.Depending upon various construction projects, a wide variety of steel products are required.

steel fabricators are used in the production of steel products.However, despite the absolute importance of steel in construction, very few people know about the fabrication process.It is possible therefore, that you may have been wondering about this process.The following should be of interest to you.

The Different Products That Are Made In Steel Manufacturing

There is no limit to the amount of uses that steel has.As a matter of fact, it is not surprising that steel is widely used in industries such as construction and manufacturing because of how adaptable it actually is.Within the construction industry, however, steel products are almost impossible to substitute.

Some common products made from this process include plates, sheets, rods, screws, and bolts amongst others.It is worth mentioning that even though the production is usually large scale, certain custom steel products can also be made.

The Three Phases Of The Steel Fabrication Process

Steel fabrication is a huge global industry.Not surprisingly, the steel fabrication industry is essential for many other industries.

Furthermore, so as to make themselves completely independent of third party suppliers, many business owners have set up their own fabricators.The entire fabrication process consists of three important phases.Consider the following:

* Heating and Cutting the Raw Materials

This is the phase where the required raw materials are cut into small pieces while simultaneously being heated.The purpose of this phase is to mix the various raw materials so that the final outcome will produce steel.Raw materials used in this phase vary on the basis of the targeted steel products.This phase utilizes anything from a basic raw material to recycled steel.

* Shaping the Steel

This is a phase that can also be referred to as the shaping phase.This is when the steel alloy is hammered, bashed, beaten, bent and pulled to get the desired shape.

The shaping is done to the pliable alloy while it is hot and soft.This can be done in two different ways.The first is to do so manually and the second is the use of an automated machine to do it.

The shaping process varies greatly on the basis of the required target shapes.If steel fabrications rods are being made then the hot alloy will be pulled from both sides.

In contrast, if sheets or plates are required then the alloy is taken and pounded to get a leveled final shape.The alloy is also bent in both of these shaping processes.

* Assembling and Finishing the Product

After phase one and two, the produced material is finished and assembled.While the assembling process varies on the basis of what the final product is going to be, the finishing process is fairly common.

For smaller products, machines with stone pebbles are used to clean away rough edges in the steel.In the case of larger steel products, sand blasting is used for the same effect.

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