Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Key Reason Why Girls Shouldn't Settle For Men's Self-Defense

By Frankee H Muhammad

By choice, I stayed at home with my eldest until she turned three. When I came back to work, I was out of shape and had become a bit too used to being housebound. I noticed the necessity for self-defense because I felt prone to street crimes.

Girl friends cautioned that I had a little more than a fifty-fifty probability of winding up with a security tool that was made with men in mind. As soon as I discovered the suitability of the Z-Force stun gun for women, I got their meaning.

Maybe the most essential lesson which I acquired was regarding the grip. A stun gun has to come in contact with the body to be able to offload incapacitating electric shock. You'll be hard pressed to land your device on the target if you aren't holding it tightly.

Small stun guns are great for littler hands, particularly those of women. Anything larger or heftier would be a torment to hold securely. Moreover, the slim make featured by the Z-Force stun gun for females to handle one properly builds on the size advantage.

Evidently, a slim stun gun is quite strategic for ladies' usage more than just any little stun gun. A shorter size makes a stun device easily concealed in a hand yet a lean design makes it fitting to use in case of an attack.

Once the attacker is struck, a low voltage stun gun could induce short-lived paralysis as well as a high voltage stun gun. The positive reviews online on the 100,000 and 300,000 volt Z-Force stun gun for women shoppers were additional indication.

Moreover, many put in an excellent word for other, stouter stun guns that I might have selected mistakenly one that was very well recommended although for the opposite gender. It could have been so easy to obtain a good self-defense weapon which was completely wrong for me!

What's more, I figured out through the numerous advantages of the Z-Force stun gun for women that seek to safeguard themselves that all stun gadgets are non deadly and do not put at risk lives.

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