Thursday, November 24, 2011

Issues of Badly aligned Sales Territories

By Amanda Craggs

The sales field should be earnings generating aspect of a business. This is the primary revenue stream that any business has. This is the reason why the sales field is aimed to be optimized all the time. However , many companies are faced with the issue of having badly aligned sales territories. This problem roots from having an unbalanced sales territory map. When this happens, the business is losing potential sales and spending more to drive sales.

Common issues that are based from unbalanced sales territory map are sales reps having less work or sales rep spending more time on the road than with the customers. Other causes are sales reps who don't have the skill set to cover a particular territory or sales reps visiting the wrong customers. It's really important that the business addresses that issue straight away or it may continue to lose sales. In the longer term, a badly aligned sales territory plan can result to the bankruptcy of the business.

Effective sales territory planning starts with investigating the root causes. Then, when the root causes have been identified, you must begin thinking of ways to eliminate the Problems. You should understand the sales process of your business to see how you can solve the root reasons for misalignment. You can assess the abilities of your sales reps and reassign them in an appropriate way. Put skilled sales reps in high sales potential territories and train new sales reps rigorously. You need to also create tactics on how to cut down travel time for your sales reps so that they spend a little more time debating with the customers. You should familiarize with the best routes and implement them when your sales reps need to travel.

Mapping seriously affects how you find the best routes. If there are territories whose routes are truly hard to work with, you might want to consider splitting the territories and assigning different sales reps. Doing this can allow you to cut down travel costs, reduce travel time, and raise the chances for sales.

Always keep under consideration that aligning your sales territories is significant. It helps you improve your sales productiveness and lets you boost your sales profits.

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