Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ancient Mysticism meets Modern Art

By Jason Lincoln Jeffers

Modern Art has always reflected what the human psyche is experiencing as reality in the present. In general, it makes a commentary on just about everything we observe in society; politically, economically, psychologically, and spiritually. The ancients believed that art in all forms had the potential to heal. The symbols and imagery that were inculcated into the artwork on jewelry, pottery, mosaics, cylinder seals and temples from the ancient world are much more correlative than what has been recorded. In fact, they are timeless and archetypal.

Through Mystical Expressionism, my aim is to illuminate the esoteric, subtly infusing a variety of elements carrying a common thread between ancient mysticism and modern physics. Rooted in the collective unconscious, the Art of Mystical Expressionism operates on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions. The archetypal imagery is fashioned with the heart-focused intention to achieve a metamorphic effect on the viewer.

In the embryonic stage, before your brain was created, you were nothing but a heart. The brain came out of the heart, not the reverse. In Chinese acupuncture, the heart is a bridge between mind and body. In all ancient cultures including Hindu, Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hebrew, it has always been the heart that is primary in creativity, not the mind.

The brain reacts to imagery based on preconceived or preconditioned interpretations. The more realistic the art is, the more likely it is going to be translated by the mind in a concrete and predictable manner. The heart, on the other hand, senses on an entirely different wavelength than the brain. For example, the magnetic field of the heart is five thousand times greater than that of the cranial brain. The subtle, abstract imagery of Mystical Expressionism tends to be less conceptual, more heart-centered, and therefore, less mind-based.

As we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, a small percentage of humanity is evolving from an egoic, mind-centered, self-destructive state of suffering into a heart-centered, selfless and creative state of being. Intricately connected to Gaia--our Mother Earth--this burgeoning New Species of humanity will actualize the protective and balancing nature of the sacred feminine.

The ancients believed that art was transformational. Perhaps it's time to look past this world and into the unknown. Something is trying to form.

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