Friday, February 28, 2014

Selecting The Right Stuttering Treatment Tucson

By Lisa Williamson

Stuttering is a condition that affects speech patterns. While it is commonly something people associate with children it is something that can affect adults as well. For people with the condition it can affect their self confidence. Fortunately there are a number of different types of Stuttering treatment Tucson available.

There are various theories as to what actually causes a person to stutter. Genetics are considered to be a factor as over half of people who have a stutter will typically have a family member who stutters as well. If someone has another form of speech problem then they may have a stutter as well.

One of the most common methods of treating someone with a stutter is to use the services of a speech language pathologist. As with any consultant it is strongly recommended that you choose someone with relevant experience. Ideally you should also get one that had had some personal experience.

The sad fact is there is no actual cure for stuttering. However there are treatments available that can help people. The kind of treatment you choose will depend on how old you are and the goals you wish to achieve. For example some people may need to slow down the rate they speak in order to reduce their stutter.

The pathologist should also be willing to listen to you. It can be difficult for people to go through this process and the best people will be patient and guide you through the process. They should talk to you about what your personal goals are and how they can help you achieve that.

One element of the condition is the psychological aspect. In some cases this can be affected by parents who mean well but do the wrong. For example they may encourage their children to read aloud or tell them to slow down or take their time when they speak. This can make children feel uncomfortable and anxious when they treat to speak and this can continue into their adult life.

They may also suggest other forms of treatment that you may not necessarily have considered and may seem unusual. For example a lot of people who stutter when they speak do not stutter when they sing. This may sound strange but singing can be an effective way to help people reduce the amount they stutter. If they sing as part of a choir then there is also the added benefit of being part of a social group and becoming more self confident as a result of increased social interaction.

It is also important to note that stuttering can be as a result of social anxiety as well and in some cases it may be a psychological as well as physical issue. If possible you should look online to find consultants in your local area so you can discuss your condition or the condition of a family member in person. It cannot be emphasised enough that any treatments for stuttering are not cures but are there to help people adapt and better able to cope with the condition. Use your regular search engine for more information and to find consultancy services in your local area.

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