Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prisoner Transport Systems And Tips In Transporting Them

By Leticia Jensen

In the previous decades, prisoners or those who were convicted of crime were often transported using enclosed wagons. Some still do use these types of prisoner transportation. Today, police agencies have now used retrofitted vehicles equipped with all security tools to ensure fast and safe transport.

Mentioning security, prisoner transport systems of today are now using bulletproof glasses, segregated compartments, and meshed windows. There might be a different compartment for police officers escorting these people as well. This will secure the life of an officer especially when they are away from back up and are isolated during the route.

These vehicles may also take advantage of premiere security technologies. These may include global positioning system, advanced radio communication, and weapons to keep prisoners behaving the right way. Some may even have high technology alarm systems and CCTV cameras which are interconnected to different police departments.

Traditionally, these vehicles of transferring prisoners are handled by the police. It is possible that they have spent a large amount of money to maintain these. On the one hand, some departments have tried to cut expenses by partnering with private agencies in terms of prisoner transport. This is also said to help them designated other tasks to the agency for an optimize public service.

Private vehicles are being tested for compliance by certain correctional departments. Doing so ensures that these automobiles have the ability to securely box these prisoners along the route with confidence. These are also examined if these are humane enough and fairly breathable for a couple number of people inside. The rest of the examination would be about the mechanical condition of the vehicle.

Moreover, convict transportation is a difficult job to do. There have been officers getting hurt and prisoners getting harassed in the past. This is the reason part of this writing is about how to securely transport a convict. Below are the details how to do such.

First, always search the prisoner even if the previous officer have done so. It is not about not trusting the other person but it is about ensuring that there are no guns or objects that could hurt you along the route. Also, it would best to observe proper positioning so your gun will not be used against you.

Next, do not make friends with them and always follow non disclosure procedures. They are not enemies but they have full motivation to do anything to escape. Do not entertain questions about yourself and your family because you do not know what these people are capable of doing. Stay professional and protect yourself at all times.

Lastly, prepare everything before you transport these prisoners. Stopping along the route could increase the chances of being ambushed. If you need to eat your lunch, buy some fast food and eat your way to the destination. In addition, never stop even if the person wants to urinate or take a smoke break. Even if they are having a heart attack, it would be best to wait for a supervisor or a backup to arrive before doing anything. It might be horrifying to watch someone look out of breathe or urinate in their pants but guarding your life would still be the best thing to do in these situations.

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